Liquid Final

Liquid Final - специально разработанная жидкая формула для цикла окисления. Liquid Final - смесь кислот, которые не оставляют щелочных осадков и в то же время удаляют любые пятна ржавчины на изделиях.

- when the water have got a high percentage of Iron .

- During the final rinse cycle at high water level with a normal water temperature .

Inside the washing machine .

20 liters

-  In case of inhalation : not irritant. .

- In case of ingestion  : Do not induce vomiting, drink milk & seek a medical advice immediately .

- In case of contact with eyes : Apply copious amounts of water to the eye for at least 15 minutes, summon a doctor immediately .

- In case of contact with skin : Wash off with water .

Keep out of reach of children

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