TCL recommend to use 2 products to fight Coronavirus

TCL recommend to use 2 products to fight Coronavirus


C plus 90 : which is based on hydrogen peroxide. 

and C plus 20 which is based on QAC. 

The benefit of using C plus 90 is that the chemical composition contains oxygen which get released from the liquid as gas after  dilution. (after mixing with water)

The oxygen gas kill all viruses and bacteria and it has characteristic of wide spread over the room where it will be sprayed more specially if it will be sprayed through a fogging machine. 

The disadvantage of C Plus 90 that it doesn't give long lasting effect of disinfection but the benefit that it is suitable to disinfect the air due to the wide spread characteristic and very strong effect on all kind of virus and bacteria even at very low dosage. 

Dilution ratio 1 to 80 

The benefit of using C Plus 20 is that it provide long lasting disinfection effect on the surface where it will be sprayed, up to 7 days considering the following conditions

- spray the liquid and do not wipe it and do not dry it (leave on application) 

- let the liquid dry on the surface

- if you have to wash the surface, (like in the toilets for example or in kitchens) then you will need to spray C plus 20 again. 

C Plus 20 provide a disinfection layer on the surface in a way that if the virus touch the surface it will die within few seconds. 

Earlier we recommended to dilute C Plus 20  however with how serious the situation is now,  we recommend to not dilute C Plus 20 in order to get more protection against Coronavirus. 

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I hope we will all put our efforts together to stop the spread of the virus all over the world and to keep our customers, families and friends safe. 



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